About of Aksa Arms

Managed by a group has 30 years has experience AKSA ARMS claiming that it is necessary not only to produce but also to be able to produce for at higher quality and deliver in time in order to grow, improve and compete with the rivals in the world market, AKSA ARMS has made a name with its innovations in gun sector.

Its corporate perception aiming at responding to the customers’ demands one step ahead has directed AKSA to expand not only to Turkey but also the whole world and started to exist in the world market. AKSA ARMS Drawing attention with production of .410 upper receivers, tactical semi-automatic shotgun and hybrid system bullpup in the world market.

AKSA Arms produces about 50 thousand shotguns a year, with R & D work increasing every passing year. AKSA responds quickly and original design to customer requests with its engineers with an innovative perspective and specialized in the field.

AKSA has enough experience and more than 30 CNC machines to produce any type guns’ parts plastic or steel in house. Thanks to the ergonomic structure, ease of Use and original design of the AKSA shotguns, the satisfied customer base is growing by day by.

AKSA is an export oriented factory and exports 95% of its products to more than 50 countries around the world.

AKSA products with their very good quality and competitive prices receive a well acceptance all around the world.

As a company with proven international quality AKSA in the shotgun sector, the export rate is rising steadily.

To make quality products by taking advantage of advanced technology all over the world. And to be an organization that leaves a mark in the sector with all the demands of the arms industry.

Constantly developing and always providing better products to our customers. To be preferred with technology and quality products in competitive environment and to increase product range.

To deliver timely, quality, accurate and complete products by producing in compliance with national and international standards together with all of our employees and modern facilities.

Aksa Silah İnşaat Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. In the production and service process carried out by the organization, ISO 9001:2015 quality, ISO 14001:2015 envinroment, ISO 45001:2018 İSG and ISO 27001:2022 We carry out our practices with a focus continuous improvement by effectively analyzing and evaluating information security management systems, legal and other requirements and the expectations of our stakeholders. As one of the world's leading manufacturers;

We commit,

• Working focused on employee, affiliate and customer satisfaction during our activities,
• Effective identification and analysis of information assets. Carrying out the actions needed as a result of the analysis with a focus on continuous improvement,
• To comply with the priority occupational health, environment, quality and information security requirements in the production and service provision of our organization and to carry out the necessary work for their implementation,
• To implement the requirements by testing the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information in order to ensure the effective protection of the information belonging to our employees and stakeholders in our work,
• To implement the necessary training and information flow in a sustainable manner to increase the awareness of our organization's employees and stakeholders on Quality, Environment, OHS and Information security,
• To effectively implement the participation and consultation of our employees in the evaluations and practices regarding the applied management system and other requirements,
• To provide support in many areas such as resources, training, awareness exercises, etc. to prevent our company employees or subcontractors from getting injured or deteriorating their health during the work they carry out,
• To effectively control the environmental aspects that may cause environmental pollution during the work carried out by our organization, to ensure that they are disposed of by designated licensed disposal companies and to use natural resource consumption in the most efficient way.