• Produced in Konya by AKSA ARMS, the production center of high quality and innovation in shotguns.
• 12 gauge(caliber) 76 mm Magnum chamber,
• Gas system tactical semi automatic shoutgun for law enforcement purpose.
• Oxidation Proof – Chrome plated barrels
• Barrel 4140 steel and All barrels are Proof Tested.
• Barrel slug or 3 choke systems(F, M,CYL).
• Compatible Adapter for Muzzle Brake
• Receiver 7075-T6 hardened aluminium
• Adjustable Flip-Up Sight Sets
• Due to 22 mm Picatinny rail on the receiver additional optic sets.
• Adjustable telescopic stock made of high quality aliminium.
• For-end made of high quality sentetic material.
• Rubber butt plate for recoil absorption.
• Ergonomic material covered pistol grip for better feel and grip.
• Manuel cross-button trigger safety.
• Usable up to 50 gram cartidritges easily.
• Magazine capacity 2+1, 5+1, 6+1
• Barrel length: 47-51 cm(more than 500 orders (66-71-76 cm)barrel can produce.)
• Average weight:4.1 kg/9 lbs
• It is compatible with all accessories and spare parts produced in the world in this category.

• Working system
• Rotating head gas working principle
• The system activates the pistons with the gas pressure coming from the gas holes in the barrel of the pressure created by the combustion of the gunpowder and discharges the excess pressure from the relief chambers.
• Thanks to the general structure of the pistons, it has the ability to clean itself as it works.

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